Saturday, October 11, 2008

I just thought I would try this blog crap. Shaylee is the one who has to walk me through it- but she is asleep. I really love my family! It is hunting season, so Shane might not have school this semester but it doesn't feel like it yet. Shaylee is doing so good at school. If she makes a 4.0 we will let her have text (no pictures). She might do it this quarter. Jaycee is having a blast at her school. I work in the office at her school and I love it when her and her friends will come up to the window or give me a hug in the hall. Shaylee and Jaycee are now doing pointe in ballet. They have those wooden toe shoes and it looks amazing. Spencer and Austin are doing well- soccer just got over for them and they did so well. I was so excited that they loved it and that they were aggressive in the sport. It was so fun to go and watch them. They love to play video games and I sneak in reading every night also. They don't love that! Oh well.... My sister Melinda just had surgery yesterday to remove her thyroid. She has thyroid cancer. That is an awful swear word. But I have been so impressed by her strength and positive outlook. I know Heavenly Father is helping her and blessing her and her family. She is AMAZING.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hey everyone!!

Hey guys my mom will probably never post on this thing so i will for her about our family. Everything is good! I just felt like i should post something. Our family is going to DISNEYLAND in December, how fun?!?!?! Sorry i don't know what to say! I'll type something when something exciting has happened.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shaylee is making me do this

I have never blogged before. Is that what it is called? Anyway, I guess I need to get with the times and join all of the other bloggers on the internet. To share my thoughts and memories. One day I will get the hang of this.